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Women For Wilson Rally In New York

The Democratic Party is the least responsive to pleas for woman suffrage. Local Democratic women’s clubs had existed for decades but were not encouraged or endorsed by the national party. The election of 1912 was the first time that the Democratic National Committee authorized and supported an appeal to women.

The Woman’s National Democratic League (WNDL) was organized in June 1912 in Washington DC. Most of the 50 charter members were married to Members of Congress. Mrs. Nellie Fassett Crosby, a William Jennings Bryan supporter, was elected President. Many women (and their husbands) supported the nomination of Champ Clark. When Wilson won the nomination he was not enthusiastic about the WNDL. He had his campaign staff form a new organization, the Women’s National Wilson and Marshall Organization, supposedly non-partisan hence the lack of the word “Democratic” in their name. It was headed by Washington society matron Borden “Daisy” Harriman who gathered a mailing list of 50,000 women from women’s clubs and professional positions and plans to send them a circular every week describing the work Governor Wilson had done for women, children, and working men in New Jersey and urging them to get their men to vote for Wilson.

On August 20, 1912 the Women’s National Wilson and Marshall Organization supporting Woodrow Wilson for President kicked off its campaign efforts in Union Square, New York City, New York. Since most women suffrage supporters are either backing Republican or Progressive candidates, it is no surprise that the crowd gathered was 388 men and boys, but only 12 women.

Union Square rally of the Women’s National Wilson and Marshall Organization. Speaking to the crowd is Mrs SA Vibbert age 75. Mrs. “Daisy” Harriman is at left.
New York City – August 20, 1912

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