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Edgar Rice Burroughs was born in September 1875, in Chicago, Illinois. In 1895 after failing the entrance exam for the United States Military Academy (West Point), he ended up as an enlisted soldier with the 7th U.S. Cavalry in Fort Grant, Arizona Territory. After being diagnosed with a heart problem and thus found ineligible for a commission, he was discharged in 1897. He married and had children and had a string of jobs ending with a job as a salesman for a manufacturer of pencil sharpeners.
He spent his time reading, especially “pulp fiction” magazines, inexpensive fiction magazines published since 1896 printed on cheap paper with ragged, untrimmed edges.The name pulp comes from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. Burroughs reflected :”…if people were paid for writing rot such as I read in some of those magazines, that I could write stories just as rotten. As a matter of fact, although I had never written a story, I knew absolutely that I could write stories just as entertaining and probably a whole lot more so than any I chanced to read in those magazines.”

Edgar Rice Burroughs

In August 1911 Burroughs submitted a partial manuscript to Argosy Magazine, entitled “Dejah Thoris, Martian Princess” which portrays “Barsoom”, the native Martian word for Mars. He used the pseudonym or pen name Norman Bean. The “Princess of Mars’ series was very popular and began the literary career of Burroughs. He has taken up writing full-time.
On August 27, 1912 Burrough’s new novel, TARZAN OF THE APES made its first appearance in THE ALL STORY magazine October 1912 issue described as  “…the most exciting story we have seen in a blue moon, and about as original as they make ’em … Through a series of catastrophes an English baby boy is kidnapped by a tribe of huge anthropoid apes. He grows up among them. The fact that he is a reasoning animal makes a difference in his development, and then the forces of civilization obtrude. Zowie! but things happen!

The All Story magazine
October 1912
“Tarzan of the Apes”


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