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Presidential Nominee Wilson Meets With Progressive Lawyer

Louis Dembitz Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1856. He enrolled at Harvard Law School graduating at the age of twenty with the highest grade average in the college’s history. He was appointed law clerk to Horace Gray, the chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, where he worked for two years. He was admitted to the Massachusetts bar without taking an examination which was “contrary to all principle and precedent.” In Boston, Massachusetts he established a law practice that worked for peoples’ rights and progressive causes. 1889 he pleaded for the first time before the US Supreme Court as the Eastern counsel of the Wisconsin Central Railroad and won. Not long after that, Chief Justice Melville Fuller recommended him to a friend as the best attorney he knew of in the Eastern US. In 1890 he helped develop the concept of “right to privacy” writing a Harvard Law Review article of that title. He published a book entitled “Other People’s Money And How the Bankers Use It”. He feared the power of large banks and would fight against powerful corporations, monopolies, public corruption, and mass consumerism. Brandeis is known as the people’s lawyer. He fights in Boston for the poor, against political corruption and for the betterment of every citizen.

“We want a government that will represent the laboring man, the professional man, the businessman, and the man of leisure. We want a good government, not because it is good business but because it is dishonorable to submit to a bad government.”
“Men are not bad. Men are degraded largely by circumstances….It is the duty of every man…to help them up and let them feel that there is some hope for them in life.”On August 28, 1912 Louis Brandeis and Democratic presidential nominee New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson met for the first time for a lunch at the NJ Governor’s Summer Cottage in Sea Girt. Wilson is seeking Brandeis counsel in solidifying his position on the government’s role to foster free, competitive business to give America a “New Freedom”.

Lawyer Louis Brandeis

Lawyer Louis Barndeis

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  1. Your article let me have a clear glimpse of the past 100 years ago this day. that is a nice feature.

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