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Poetess Discovered In Maine

Edna St Vincent Millay was born in Rockland, Maine in 1892. Her mother divorced and moved from town to town in poverty with Millay and her 3 sisters. The family finally settled in a small house in Maine on the property of an aunt. Millay always had literature around her and started writing poems. At Camden High School she wrote for the school’s literary magazine. Millay won the St Nicholas Gold Badge for poetry and published her poetry in the popular children’s magazine St Nicholas, the Camden Herald, and Current Literature. In 1912 Millay is working at the Whitehall Inn in Camden as a waitress.

On August 29, 1912 Edna St Vincent Millay attended a staff party at Whitehall Inn where she and her sister both sang, danced, and won prizes for best costume and dancer. She was reading a long poem she had written “Renascence” when she was heard by a guest Caroline B Dow of New York City, the executive secretary of the YWCA’s national training school of New York. She is impressed with Millay’s talent and is moved to help the young girl if she can, perhaps getting her into a good college.

Edna St Vincent Millay


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