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Fatal Head-On Train Collision In Washington

When trains are using a single rail line, they pass each other by one train pulling off to a siding to let the other train pass. It is important to stick to schedules and make a positive identification of the train that is supposed to be passed.

On August 30, 1912 there was a collision on the Northern Pacific Railway near Hot Springs, Washington which resulted in the death of 2 enginemen, 1 fireman and the injury of 45 passengers and 7 employees. It was dark and raining. East-bound passenger train No. 6 was en route from Tacoma, Washington to St. Paul, Minnesota. West-bound extra freight train No. 1599 was bound from Ellensburg to Seattle, Washington. The trains were told they would meet at Maywood. When engine No. 6 arrived at the siding at Maywood, they saw an engine which they assumed was No. 1599. It was another train pulled up to rest. Assuming the track was clear, No. 6 proceeded. The 2 trains collided head-on going 25mph.

Washington train at depot
Everett, Washington


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