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Wilson Kicks Off Presidential Campaign In New York

Woodrow Wilson won the Democratic Nomination for president in July 1912 at the Democratic National Convention after 46 ballots.

On September 2, 1912 Woodrow Wilson officially began his campaign for president with a speech in front of 10,000 workers in Buffalo, New York, Theodore Roosevelt’s home state. Wilson attacked Republican ties to large corporations and monopolies and at the same time attacking Roosevelt’s progressive reforms as placing too much power in the hands of a small group of government bureaucrats.

“I am a Democrat as distinguished from a Republican because I believe (and I think that it is generally believed) that the leaders of the Republican party—for I always distinguish them from the great body of the Republican voters who have been misled by them—I say not the Republican party, but the leaders of the Republican party have allowed themselves to become so tied up in alliances with special interests that they are not free to serve us all. ”

Woodrow Wilson’s Labor Day speech – September 2, 1912 :http://livefromthetrail.com/about-the-book/speeches/chapter-2/woodrow-wilson


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