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Campaigning with Theodore Roosevelt In Iowa

On September 4, 1912 ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive “Bull Moose” Party presidential nominee travelling from St. Louis, Missouri to Syracuse, New York stopped to campaign in Oskaloosa, Iowa. He had been to Oskaloosa in 1903 as President to help dedicate the new YMCA but is now on his way to the Progressive Party’s first state convention in New York tomorrow. Roosevelt criticized Democratic presidential nominee New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson for being sympathetic to many of the Progressive Party’s reformist ideals but not supportive of the party.

Theodore Roosevelt in Oskaloosa, Iowa
September 4, 1912

“I am very glad that Mr. Wilson should be with us in his heart: if his party sympathizes with us in its heart, why didn’t they in their platform make a program at least remotely resembling ours? Our sympathy with the program is not only with our hearts, it is with our head and hands also.”Roosevelt’s Party supports public disclosure of campaign contributions, granting universal suffrage and giving women the right to vote, social and industrial justice including a national minimum wage, insurance and old age pensions for employees, and protection for women and children in the workplace.
Republican candidate president William Howard Taft is more conservative and supportive of corporations and federal government and courts. Wilson takes a middle road attacking Taft’s connections to Big Business but also Roosevelt’s radical views.

PUCK magazine
September 4, 1912


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