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Lillie Langtry Tours Again

Emilie Charlotte Le Breton was born in 1853 on the island of Jersey, Great Britain. She married Edward Langtry in 1874 and moved to London where she sat for the leading artists of the age. Sir John Everett Millais painted her wearing a lily in a painting titled “A Jersey Lily” a name she used for her stage appearances.

“A Jersey Lily”
John Everett Millais

Langtry became a celebrity and endorsed products like Pear’s Soap. She was noticed by the Prince of Wales Albert and soon became his mistress receiving a manor house. The affair broke and Langtry fled to Paris, pregnant and impoverished. She had a daughter(who was raised as her niece) and came back to London as an actress making her London debut in December 1881. Her notorious background made her a popular success and when she took her theater company to the US she became a popular sensation on two continents. She bred thoroughbred horses and purchased of a California ranch adjacent to one of her lovers. A famous admirer, Judge Roy Bean of Texas, changed the name of his town to Langtry and renamed the bar he owned ‘The Jersey Lilly Saloon’. In 1897 she became an American citizen producing wine with her likeness on the label. She toured the US again in 1906 and returned to London a famous if not notorious celebrity. She has spent her last few years in Monte Carlo in Europe and in 1907 became the first woman to break the bank at Monte Carlo.

On September 4, 1912 Lillie Langtry started another American tour at age 59 trying her hand at vaudeville, the newer variety entertainment venue. She is somewhat reluctant but cannot keep herself from the stage.

Lillie Langtry


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