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First Fire Truck Company In Los Angeles

The Knox Automobile Company of Springfield, Massachusetts was established in 1900. In 1905 the first modern fire engine was constructed by Knox based on the standard truck model. A year later the City of Springfield, Massachusetts was the world’s first fire department to use fire trucks supplied by Knox Fire Engines.

Major cities slowly adapted to the new motorized fire engine. With many horse drawn firetrucks still in use, these new technological innovations were integrated into existing engine companies. In Los Angeles, California a 1911 Seagrave AC-80 City Service Truck SN #78 went into service at Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 23 in January 1912. It was one of the two first auto ladder trucks purchased by the Los Angeles Fire Department and was given the designation Truck No. 5.

On September 5, 1912 Truck 5 moved to Engine 16 which became Truck Company 6, the Los Angeles Fire Department’s first firetruck company.

Engine 16, Truck 6 of the Los Angeles Fire Department
LAFD’s first fire truck No. 5 at left

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