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Local Orchestra Performs At Fair

An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Usually associated with large professional groups, small towns would support local musicians in military bands, marching bands or small orchestras. The proportion of instruments used allowed for classical pieces to be played that could not be done by other ensembles.

Barre, Vermont in Washington county was founded in 1780 and originally called Wildersburgh. Barre is the “Granite Center of the World.” with the discovery of vast granite deposits at Millstone Hill soon after the War of 1812. The granite industry took off after the arrival of the railroad. Since 1895 Barre has hosted the Washington Agricultural’s Association Fair which is a big event in the area held at the local fairgrounds.

On September 6, 1912 the Barre, Vermont Orchestra performed at the 1912 Washington Fair.

The Barre Orchestra at the Washington Fair
Barre, Vermont
September 6, 1912

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2 thoughts on “Local Orchestra Performs At Fair

  1. Doreen Chambers on said:

    Like this photo and would like to know if I could permission to use the pohtograph in my book of pictures and captions on Barre’s history? Thanks. Doreen Chambers

    • I took this picture from Google Images. If you go to Google Images and put in the date of the event one hundred years ago, it should pop up. The go to the website posting picture and go from there. Thanks.

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