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Interurban Railway Accident in Ohio

The advent of railroad changed the US in the 19th century. Rail transportation spread into the cities. Streetcars which were not steam-powered began to grow in inner cities in the late 1800’s starting out first as horse-drawn vehicles and progressing to cable and electricity. To connect the city with outer suburban and rural parts, the interurban rail system began in the mid 1890’s. It was defined by its electric power, passenger service as a primary emphasis, heavier equipment that went faster than urban streetcars and operating on street tracks in cities but on roadside tracks or private rights-of-way tracks in rural areas. By 1912 there is a very large network of small interurban lines in the US particularly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. Like train accidents, interurban railway accidents

Lake Shore Electric railway crash
Dover Bay, Ohio substation
September 8, 1912

occur as well.

On September 8, 1912 two interurban cars on the Lake Shore Electric railway which traveled between Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio collided and wrecked at the Dover Bay substation.

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