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Candidate Roosevelt Meets Miss Spokane In Washington

Spokane, Washington is a city in the eastern part of the state. It was looking for a way to promote itself much in the way Seattle had been doing with its Potlatch Day celebrations. The Spokane Advertising Club, a group of Spokane business owners decided to sponsor the initial Miss Spokane contest. A contest for drawings and designs for the Miss Spokane symbol was announced in the Spokane Daily Chronicle in January 1912. In March 1912 Eleanor Gaddis’s sketch of a female Indian Maiden figure holding a large jug from which water cascaded was chosen the winner.

Miss Spokane by Eleanor Gaddis

The Spokane Advertising Club launched a contest to find a human female face to represent Gaddis’ impression of Miss Spokane.

“Beauty alone will not win this contest. There should be something in the face of the girl selected for the honor of representing the city that will tell without words something for which Spokane stands or hopes to become. Whether that something is determination, the expression of progressiveness, hope or any other quality, only the pictures submitted will tell”

From 138 entries, Eleanor Marguerite Motie, originally from Iowa and of European ancestry was chosen. As Miss Spokane, Motie became instantly popular and appeared at fairs, exhibitions, parades, and official gatherings of all sorts.

On September 9, 1912 Miss Spokane met Theodore Roosevelt at the Auditorium Theater in Spokane during his campaign as the third party Bull Moose candidate. Roosevelt’s Progressive Party is the only party that openly supports Woman Suffrage and the meeting in Spokane was one of the largest meetings of women ever held in the state.

Miss Spokane
Eleanor Marguerite Motie

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