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Recent Typhoon Devastates China – Tens Of Thousands Drowned

When sufficiently warm sea surface temperatures, atmospheric instability, high humidity in the lower to middle levels of the troposphere, enough Coriolis force to develop a low pressure center, a pre-existing low level focus or disturbance, and low vertical wind shear combine a cyclonic storm of devastating proportions can be created. In the eastern US there are called Cyclones or Hurricanes. In Asia they are called Typhoon from a Persian word meaning “great wind”. With the flimsy structures of most common people, these storms can be incredibly deadly.

On September 10, 1912 final figures were released for a typhoon that hit the coastal province of Che-Kiang in southern China in late August. Great floods followed when the Wei Chow river overflowed and flooded vast areas. In the town of Tien-Tsen 10,000 inhabitants were drowned. In all it is estimated that 35,000 to 40,000 were killed.

Flood waters
Sezchuan, China


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