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Man Arrested For Brother’s Murder In New York

Walden, New York was an early industrial town in the lower part of the state which featured wool mills built on the Wallkill river. When the wool business waned, knife manufacturers moved to Walden and the town was nicknamed “Knifetown.” Brothers Jack and Bill Grace move to Walden from Fall River, Massachusetts in 1910. They were both running from a shady past. Anthony “Bill” Grace had left 2 wives and stolen their money and was already to marry a third in Walden. On September 7, 1912 Jack Grace was seen at the the clubroom of the Twentieth Century Club in town. In the wee hours of September 8, 1912 someone split Jack Grace’s skull open with a meat clever used for chopping kindling from the club. His body was dragged into a backroom and a couch was placed on top of it.

On September 11, 1912 the decomposing body of Jack Grace was found at the Twentieth Century Club in Walden, New York. Missing were 2 diamond rings, a diamond stickpin and $320. Police immediately suspected Bill Grace who had just returned from his honeymoon. They discovered the 2 diamond rings and a diamond pin hidden under a piece of soap in his shaving mug which was in the suitcase that Bill used on his honeymoon. Bill claimed that Jack had given him the rings and pin for safekeeping and after hearing about the murder, he hid them fearing that having them would implicate him in the crime. Bill Grace has been arrested and is being held for trial.

Anthony “Bill” Grace


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