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Soccer Riot In Northern Ireland Injures 100

The Battle of Aughrim in 1691 is where the predominantly Irish Catholic Jacobite army was destroyed by Protestant forces led by Dutch nobleman William of Orange. Smoldering resentments left 2 factions : Orange Men – Protestants who supported William and the English Crown and Catholic “Defenders” who supported Irish nationalism. In April 1912 a Irish Home Rule bill was introduced in Parliament. Resistance to the idea of government from Dublin was intense in the Northern part of Ireland. The Ulster Covenant was written by those Orangemen who opposed home rule and called themselves Unionists because the supported an union with Great Britain. Those who wanted home rule called themselves Nationalists is support of a separate Ireland. The Unionist have called for a massive rally on September 28th called “Ulster Day”. Tensions are running high.

On September 14, 1912 100 people were injures as rioting at a soccer football match at Belfast broke out between Unionists and Nationalist. This disturbance is thought to be political and panned in advance.

Unionist poster against Home Rule


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