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The First 6 Point Touchdown

The first college sport where colleges competed with each other was rowing in 1852 between Harvard and Yale. As other sports emerged such as basketball and football, regulations were ad hoc and sometimes made up for individual games. Because of repeated injuries and deaths in football which prompted many college and universities to discontinue the sport, two White House conferences convened by President Theodore Roosevelt to “encourage reforms” to college football. At a follow-up meeting 62 institutions became charter members of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States in 1906. The IAAUS changed it’s name to the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1910.

The NCAA initiated a series of changes for the 1912 football season.

Teams were given 4 downs instead of 3 downs to gain ten yards

The value of a touchdown was increased from 5 points to 6 points

The field was reduced from 110 yards to 100 yards and end zones of ten yards were added

Kickoff was made from the 40 yard line rather than midfield.

On September 21, 1912 the first 6 point touchdowns in football were scored in Carlisle Indian School vs Albright and Rhode Island vs Massachusetts Agricultural.

The 1912 Carlisle Indian School football team


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