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The 5th Woman To Receive A Piliot’s License In America

Bernetta Miller was born in Canton, Ohio in January 1884. She moved to New York where she became interested in aviation. John Moisant had learrned to fly in France from French pioneer aviator Louis Bleirot. John Moisant died in a crash in 1910 but his brother Alfred opened the Moisant aviation school in Mineola, Long Island. The school had six Bleriot monoplanes. Alfred taught Harriet Quimby, the first American woman to receive a pilot’s license. Quimby became a celebrity and died in a crash in July 1912.


Moisant also taught his sister, Matilde E Moisant, the second woman to obtain to obtain a pilot’s license in the US.

Quimby and Mathilde Moisant in their pilot’s gear

On September 25, 1912 Bernetta Miller became the fifth woman in the US to hold a pilot’s license. She holds Aero Club of America license # 173. The Moisant company plans to use her as a demonstration pilot for the Blériot monoplanes that they are building under license.

Bernetta Miller in a Moisant aeroplane


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