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French Aviation Pioneer Dies In Car Crash

Although the Wright Brothers first flew an airplane in 1903, the event was barely reported. The feat was never widely acknowledge and only followed by other aviation pioneers. France was one of the earliest leaders in the new technology of aviation. Gabriel Voison had collaborated with Louis Blériot in 1905. Voisin bought out Louis Blériot and along with his brother Charles started a company called Flying Machines of Voisin Brothers in November 1906. This was the first commercial aircraft factory in Europe. One of their first customers was pioneer pilot Henri Farman who won on of the first air races, the “Grand Prix de l’aviation” for the first closed-circuit flight of over a kilometer. The Wright Brothers had not been recognized yet and this was seen as a major breakthrough in the conquest of the air. The Voisin brothers got many orders for similar aircraf. In 1908 the Wright Brothers came to France and gave some very public flight demonstrations that were widely received by the public and press. The fame that had eluded them in the US finally was found in France. Flight was taken as a practical reality and the Voison brothers were at the forefront.

On September 26, 1912 Charles Voison, master of the air, was killed in an auto accident. Woman aviator Baroness de Laroche was injured in the same accident.

Gabriel (L) and Charles (R) Voison

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