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An Attempt To Avert War In The Balkans

Military forces are squaring off for a showdown in the Balkans between the Ottoman Empire and the various nationalities in the area. An alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro is forming to face Turkish aggression. This Balkan League is mostly Orthodox Christian and worries Catholic Austria-Hungary.


Bulgarian troops seized control of Turkish blockhouses while Turkish frontier guards attacked troops of Montenegro. Forces of every country are mobilizing in reaction to nearly 300,000 Ottoman troops moved into Macedonia and Thrace. Last minutes attempts at diplomacy must take place now.

On October 5, 1912 French Prime Minister Poincare addressed the British Foreign Office regarding averting war in the Balkans with the assistance of Austria-Hungary and Russia. Meanwhile the parliaments of Bulgaria and Serbia met in an unscheduled session to discuss going to war.

The Balkans
October 1912


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