100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Alaskan Gold Mining Camp

In 1883, Ed Schieffelin identified gold deposits along the Yukon River in the Klondike region of the Yukon in northwestern Canada. There were a handful of miners in the area when in August 1896 substantial finds were discovered and news of the finds reached Seattle and San Francisco in July 1897. This started the last great “gold rush” in America. Although reaching the gold fields was a long and arduous trek, 100,000 started out and 30-40,000 reached their destination of which perhaps 4,000 found gold. By 1898 people started leaving and production waned in 1903.

By 1912 there are still gold mining camps in the Klondike though most are back by huge investors and modern techniques.

Bear Creek Camp
Klondike River Valley
Yukon Territory
October 6, 1912


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