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War Breaks Out In The Balkans

Escalating tensions caused by military build-ups and failed diplomatic efforts have turned the Balkans into a powder keg.

On October 8, 1912 the tiny Kingdom of Montenegro declared war on the Ottoman Empire with its army attacking Novi Pazar and the Detchitch fort across from Podgorica. In September Serbia signed an agreement to back Montenegro militarily against the Ottoman empire. Serbia made the same agreement with Bulgaria in June 1912 and Bulgaria made the same agreement with Greece in March 1912. Though no one else has declared war yet, this conflict threatens to engulf the entire region.

poster of the Balkan conflict – 1912
Montenegro and Serbia are in red, Bulgaria in green and Greece in blue. The uncolored areas are Thrace and Macedonia where nearly 300,000 Ottoman troops have been mobilized.


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2 thoughts on “War Breaks Out In The Balkans

  1. Dan Ibekwe on said:

    Montenegro attacking the Ottoman Empire? That’s like a six-year-old throwing snowballs at a tank. The Balkan Wars…and idiot’s dress rehersal for WWI.

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