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Artists Writes Friend And Defies Convention in France

Pablo Picasso has become popular through painting in the new style of “Cubism” which he helped create with fellow painter George Braque. Picasso has always found the guitar and compelling subject with its resemblance to the female form. He has started capturing the image and at the same time trying to breaks the bonds of oil and canvas.

On October 9, 1912 Pablo Picasso wrote to fellow artist Georges Braque that he was in the midst of imagining a guitar. “I am using your latest paper and powders procedures. I am in the process of imagining a guitar and I am using a bit of dust against our horrible canvas.” He works in paints (sometimes mixed with sand) and cardboard sculpture. A supporter and art critic asked “What is it? Does it rest on a pedestal? Does it hang on a wall? What is it, a painting or a sculpture?,” to which Picasso replied, “It’s nothing, it’s a guitar.”

“Guitar” by Pablo Picasso
cardboard, paper, wire, glue, and string

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