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Workers Strike At Textile Mill In New York

Little Falls is a city in Herkimer County, New York incorporated in 1811. It was a town on the route of the Erie Canal. By the late 1800’s a textile industry grew in Little Falls utilizing young immigrant women and children as the primary work force. After the Triangle Factory Fire in New York City in 1911 the state legislature reduced the work week for women from 60 to 54 hours. The owners of the Gilbert and Phoenix knitting mills reduced the pay of women to match the shorter hours. The women and children were already working for subsistence level wages were angered by the cuts in pay.

On October 9, 1912 80 workers spontaneously walked out of the Phoenix Mill in protest. Police were called and the strikers were evicted from mill property. The treatment of these women and children has caused outrage among other mill workers.

Phoenix Mills
Little Falls, New York

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