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Presidential Review of US Naval Fleet In New York

Naval Power is the commanding military force around the globe and there is an unprecedented arms race taking place in the world. It started in 1903 between Germany and Britain and led to the revolutionary HMS DREADNOUGHT in 1906 which set the standard for fighting ships. The navies of Germany, Britain and France as well as the US and Japan have expanded and built bigger ships.

On October 14, 1912 the US Naval Fleet gathered at New York City as president William Howard Taft reviewed the fleet. 123 ships formed in procession as the presidential yacht MAYFLOWER was taken to a position off Bledsoe’s Island where he transferred by the gunboat NASHVILLE to the cruiser DOLPHIN. Then the fleet was dispatched and went past in review in front of the president, every vessel decked out in flags, their crews and officers in formation on deck at the rails while cannons were sounded for the president.

President Taft in transit an Naval review
October 14, 1912

President Taft boards the USS ARKANSAS during US Naval Review
October 14, 1912


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