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Doctors Will Not Operate On Roosevelt

On September 6, 1901 US president William McKinley was at the Buffalo International Exposition in Buffalo, New York. He was shot by self-proclaimed anarchist Leon Czolgosz. The bullet entered the abdomen. Until recently a gunshot to the abdomen was considered fatal with death by gangrene or infection inevitable. Surgeons worked with difficult lighting, inappropriate tools and primitive procedures. The bullet was never found and the wound itself had not been thoroughly cleaned or traced. Precautions against infections were negligently handled. After initially rallying, McKinley died on September 14, 1901. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became president and McKinley became a cherished martyr hero.


Yesterday ex-president Theodore Roosevelt was shot while campaigning for president on the third party Progressive platform in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


On October 15, 1912 after determining that probes and x-ray showed that the bullet had traversed three inches (76 mm) of tissue and lodged in Roosevelt’s chest muscle but did not penetrate the pleura, doctors stated their opinion that it would be more dangerous to attempt to remove the bullet than to leave it in place. Remembering what happened to McKinley after his operation, Roosevelt heartily agrees.

1912 book “The Attempted Assassination of Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt” :http://www.gutenberg.org/files/21261/21261-h/21261-h.htm

X-Ray showing bullet as it remains in Theodore Roosevelt

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