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Anti-Revolutionaries Seize City In Mexico

Porfirio Diaz had ruled Mexico as president and virtual dictator since 1876. In the presidential elections of 1910 he was challenged by Franciso Madero, lawyer and son of a wealthy landowner. Hoping to control the election, Diaz threw Madero in jail but he escaped the the US where he called for the overthrow of Diaz. Several anti-Diaz forces combined including Pascual Orozco and Pancho Villa in the North and Emiliano Zapata in the South. After several decisive battles, Diaz was forced to step down in May 1911 with Madero declared a president. Madero, a memeber of the ruling class, kept many Diaz appointees and refused to agree to social reforms calling for better working hours, pay and conditions. The rural working class took up arms against Madero in support of Zapata and Orozco.

Felix Diaz is the nephew of President Porfirio Díaz and held several offices during his uncle’s term as President including police chief of Mexico City and governor of Oaxaca. He was forced to retire when Madero came to power.

On October 16, 1912 Felix Diaz led a rebellion that seized the city of Veracruz, a major seaport on the Atlantic in southeastern Mexico. He states he wishes to establish a provisional government but he has little support among the Mexican people.

Felix Diaz


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