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US Vice President Sherman Dies In Office

James Schoolcraft Sherman was born in Utica, New York in October 1855. He graduated from Hamilton College in 1878 and studyied law in the offices of Beardsley, Cookinham and Burdick He was admitted to the bar in 1880 and became active in Republican politics as a delegate to state and national conventions, campaign speaker, and chairman of committees. He was mayor of Utica in 1884 and a member of Congress from 1886 until 1908. He was known as “Sunny Jim” because of his charming disposition and was also fondly called “Four Eyes” by Native Americans because he wore spectacles and was chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs for 14 years. The Republican National Convention of 1908 nominated Mr. Taft for president and Sherman for vice-president. During his term as vice president his name was given to the legislation that fought corporate monopolies – the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

James S Sherman

In August 1912 Sherman was given the official nomination as vice-presidential candidate for the Republican party at his home in Oneida, New York. But Sherman suffered from Bright’s disease, a kidney ailment and had given his acceptance speech against medical advice.

On October 30, 1912 six days before the presidential election Sherman, 57 years old, passed away at his home in Utica, New York. With the election so close, no new candidate will likely be announced.


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