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Children’s Movie Released

Edwin Thanhouser was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1865. He traveled around the US and Canada with various acting companies companies before moving to New Rochelle, New York where he leased space in an old wooden skating to start the Thanhouser Film Corporation and produced films. Their first film was released in March 1910.

Madeline and Marion Fairbanks are twins who were born in New York in 1889 to an actress mother. The began appearing on stage and even met president Taft. The twins started making films with Biograph in 1910. They joined the Thanhouser Film Corporation in 1912, where they were billed as “The Thanhouser Twins.”On November 1, 1912 Thanhouser released “The Little Girl Next Door” directed by Lucius Henderson and written by Philip Lonergan. It involves the death of a neighbor girl and her father’s revenge complete with ghostly special effects.

THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOR featuring the Thanhouser Twins, Madeline and Marion Fairbanks

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