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Candidate Wilson Injured In Auto Mishap In New Jersey

The US presidential election are 3 day away and the candidates are capigning furiously. Democratic candidate New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson is in his home state.

On November 2, 1912 Wilson was returning home to Princeton from a political meeting in Red Bank. He was traveling on the outskirts of Highstown when his limousine reached a stretch of road where workman had been digging on a water main. A shadow from a telephone pole obscured a mound of dirt and when the auto hit the bump, the passengers were thrown upwards from their seats and Wilson struck his head on a steel bracing beam in the car leaving a 3 inch gash on his forehead. He was taken to a local doctor in Highstown and treated.

“I guess I’m too hard-headed to be hurt. The worse thing about this is that it makes me appear prematurely bald. I suppose I’ll attract some attention from the gallery in Patterson tomorrow for the physicians tell me I’ll have to wear this plaster for a few days. Otherwise, I’m alright and it didn’t even give me a headache.”

1912 presidential candidate New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson

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