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Heavyweight Boxing Champion Indicted In Illinois

In October 1912 Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson was arrested on a charge of the abduction of Lucille Cameron, an 18 year old prostitute.


Authorities could not make the charges stick as Cameron refused to testify against Johnson. But the controversial fighter still offends some authorities with his behavior.

In March 1909 Johnson had visited the Everleigh Club, an exclusive all-white bordello in Chicago. He was not allowed in but convinced 5 of the girls to go for a ride with him in his car. One of them was Belle Schreiber the 23-year-old daughter of a Milwaukee policeman. She was soon Johnson’s new favorite. In October 1910, Johnson helped her open her own brothel, paying the first month’s rent and buying all of the furniture. They argued violently and had an on-and-off relationship.

On November 7, 1912 Johnson was indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago for violation of the Mann Act. Belle Schreiber testified that Johnson had arranged for her railroad trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh for immoral purposes. Johnson refutes the charges.

Belle Schreiber – 1910

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