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Developments In The Balkan War

War broke out in the Balkans on October 1912.



On November 5th the Battle of Monastirtook place where Serbian forces inflicted heavy casualties on Ottoman forces who lost more than half of their battle force with 25,000 killed or wounded and 2,000 taken prisoner.

On November 6th the Grand Vizier of Turkey Kiamil Pasha summoned the Council of Ministers and Generals for a meeting in Constantinople to decide whether to continue the war with the Balkan League or seek peace. The Council elected to continue the war even though that had just concluded a disasterous war with Italy in northern Africa that ended with lost territory. So far Ottoman forces have experienced a series of defeats

On November 8, 1912 The Greek Army reached the Aegean Sea port city of Salonika. Bulgarian forces were also marching towards the city but the Army of Greece arrived hours ahead of the Army of Bulgaria. At 8:00 pm Greece arranged terms of surrender with the Turkish Ottoman Empire forces without firing a shot. Although Salonika was prepared for an attack from the sea, it had no fortification to defend against an assault from the surrounding land.This is a bitter loss to Bulgaria having now been deprived of a Bulgaria a port on the Aegean and access to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Liberation Of Salonika
November 8, 1912


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