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Women Celebrate Recent Election Victories In New York

The fight for women’s suffrage in the US has been going on since the mid-19th century and their tactics have changed with the times. A recent development if the suffrage parade, a way of publicizing their cause and combating the idea that women should be relegated to the home. Parades often united women of different social and economic backgrounds. Because they were carried out in public, they also became newsworthy which helped to spread the suffragists’ message.

In the recent national elections, 4 states have voted for giving women the right to vote.


On November 9, 1912 Women’s Suffrage supporters celebrated by torchlight in New York City, New York. 15,000 cheering and singing women and men celebrated with a brilliant parade on Fifth Avenue.

Suffrage Night Parade
New York City
November 9, 1912

Suffrage Night Parade participants



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