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Fatal Train Wreck In Mississippi

New Orleans is the big city where people like to go on a Sunday. After a day of pleasure seeking, people would return to neighboring city by train. The Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad would take travelers west and stop in the cities along the way. It is a single track line with no automatic block signals. Automatic Block Signaling is a system that consists of a series of signals that divide a railway line into a series of blocks. It controls the movement of trains between the blocks through automatic signals. This allows trains running in the same direction to follow each other in a safe manner without risk of rear end collision. When trains are using a single rail line they pass each other by one train pulling off to a siding to let the other train pass.

On November 11, 1912 2 engines pulled a baggage car and 9 passenger cars. Running miles behind them was a freight train hauling 8 loaded and 2 empty freight cars. The passenger train left New Orleans at 11:00pm but by the time it arrived at Kenner Junction, Louisiana it was 13 minutes late. Near Montz Station, Louisiana the train stopped because of engine trouble. 2 passenger cars were telescoped and demolished. 3 others were overturned and caught on fire. 13 people were killed and over 90 injured.

Train wreck on the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad

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