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Seized Turkish Warship Joins Italian Navy

The Ottoman Empire struggled to have a competent Navy but in 1909-11 alone, there were 3 no less than 9 different navy ministers. Pitting one builder against another, the Ottoman government was able to shave enough off the price to purchase a trio of modern protected cruisers, 8 destroyers, and an assortment of gunboats, tugs, and auxiliaries. The government’s fiscal habits resulted in the third cruiser DRAMA, on the stocks at Ansaldo, Genoa, to be siezed by the Italian government in lieu of payment on long overdue armaments bills. The cruiser was refitted and renamed LIBIA after the conquered territory seized by the Italians in the 1911 Italo-Turkish War.

On November 11, 1912 the former Ottoman cruiser DRAMA now Italian cruiser LIBIA was rechristened and re-launched to join the Italian Navy.

The LIBIA slides into the Mediterranean at Genoa, Italy
November 11, 1912


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