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The King Of Greece Visits Captured City

When the Balkan War broke out, Greece made its intentions known about the Ottoman held city of Salonika. Georgios I, the King of Greece issued a decree:

“Taking into account the developed need for the urgent and temporary organization of the administration of the territories in Macedonia, occupied by the Greek army. At the proposal of the Ministerial Council, we have decided and command the following. The Minister of Justice Mr. K. Raktivan, as representative of the Greek Government, is instructed to organize the affairs concerning the temporary administration of the occupied territories. The president of the Ministerial Council is to announce and carry out this decree.

Georgios Ministerial Council President Elefterios Venizelos Members:L.K.Koromilas K.D.Raktivan Eman Repulis I.D.Cirimokos L.Mihalakopulos H.A.Stratos

3 days ago the Greek Army reached the Aegean Sea port city of Salonika. Bulgarian forces were also marching towards the city but the Army of Greece arrived hours ahead of the Army of Bulgaria. At 8:00 pm Greece arranged terms of surrender with the Turkish Ottoman Empire forces without firing a shot. Although Salonika was prepared for an attack from the sea, it had no fortification to defend against an assault from the surrounding land.This is a bitter loss to Bulgaria having now been deprived of a Bulgaria a port on the Aegean and access to the Mediterranean Sea.

On November 11, 1912 Georgios I, the King of Greece arrived in Salonika accompanied by the crown prince and followed by sons and grand-sons of his staff.

Georgios I, the King of Greece enters the city of Salonika
November 11, 1912

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