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Anarchist Kills Spanish Prime Minister

José Canalejas was born in July 1854 in Ferrol, Spain. He earned a PhD in Literature before becoming involved in politics. He became minister of justice in 1888 and finance from 1894 to 1895. He served as president of the chamber and became Prime Minister and chief of the Liberal party in 1910. Canalejas was a moderate who introduced electoral reforms, attempted to curtail Catholic educational clericalism without threatening the Catholic Church and to turn Spain into a true democracy. Spain was beset with radical unrest which culminated in a bloody uprising in Barcelona in 1909.

On November 12, 1912 Canalejas was in Madrid walking to the Ministry of the Interior on foot as he did everyday. He stopped at a bookstore to look at the books offered for sale. Although he was with 2 guards, a young man walked up and shot Canalejas 4 times with a pistol. While trying to apprehended the assassin, he shot himself in the head. He is identified as Manuel Pardenas, an anarchist.

Assassinated Spanish Prime Minister José Canalejas

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