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First Homecoming Game In Iowa

A Homecoming Game is when former attendees or alumni are welcome to a college or university. Iowa State University was established in 1858 as the State Agricultural College and Model Farm focusing on Agriculture. In 1879 the “School” of Veterinary Science was organized, the first state veterinary college in the US. It was known as Ames after the town where Iowa State is located.

In 1895 Iowa suffered an unusually high number of devastating cyclones. In September the Iowa State football team defeated the highly-rated Northwestern University footbal team 36-0. The Chicago Tribune’s read “Northwestern might as well have tried to play football with an Iowa cyclone as with the Iowa team it met yesterday.” The nickname stuck as the Iowa State Cyclones.

On November 16, 1912 Iowa State’s first Homecoming game took place against long-standing rival, the University of Iowa. Pep rallies and alumni dinners took place but it wasn’t enough for Iowa State was defeated by Iowa 20-7.

Iowa State vs University of Iowa
November 16, 1912


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