100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Issued November 16, 1912

November 16, 1912

November 16, 1912
Gold Production

With elections finally over, HARPERS WEEKLY finally runs a non-political cover by Waler Biggs.

November 16, 1912

Joseph Christian Leyendecker was born in March 1874 in Montabaur, Germany. His family settled in Chicago, Illinois in 1882. Leyendecker studied at the school of the Chicago Art Institute and he and his brother Francis Xavier enrolled in the Académie Julian in Paris, France. In 1899 Leyendecker received his first commission for a SATURDAY EVENING POST cover. He moved to New York Citywith his brother and sister and became a successful illustrator creating the Kellogg Kids for Kellogg’s and The Arrow Shirt Man for Arrow Shirts using his lover as the model.

“Thanksgiving Turkey” by L C Leyendecker
November 16, 1912

Maxfield Parish was born in July 1870 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was an engraver and landscape artist and his parents encouraged his talent. He attended Haverford College, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Drexel Institute of Art. At age 28 he moved to New Hampshire and purchased land opposite the valley from his parents’ home. He started illustrating children’s book like L Frank Baum’s Mother Goose in Prose (1897), Poems of Childhood (1904) and Arabian Nights (1909). He is a sought after illustrator for advertisers like Wanamaker’s Department Stores, Edison-Mazda Lamps, Fisk Tires, Colgate and Oneida Cutlery and of magazine covers such as LIFE and COLLIER’S.

November 16, 1912
“Soldiers” by Maxfield Parish




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