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Patrolman Shot During Wedding Reception In New York

On November 19, 1912 a wedding reception was taking place in Buffalo, New York. 3 men tried to enter the reception. When they were turned away they began to vandalize a fence in front of a nearby residence. Patrolman George E Claus was coincidentally across the street. Patrolman Claus instructed the men to “move along.” As they walked in one direction Patrolman Claus turned to go the opposite way but the 3 men suddenly ran after Patrolman Claus and attacked him. 2 of the suspects grabbed him around his waist while the third suspect wrestled Claus’ firearm from him. The third suspect put the revolver to Patrolman Claus’ face and fired. Patrolman Claus was killed instantly. The suspect was apprehended and charged with the murder.

Buffalo, New York Police Department

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