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Issued November 20, 1912

The JOURNAL DES DAMES ET DES MODES (Journal of Ladies and Methods) is one of the first illustrated fashion magazines. During the French Revolution fashion was frowned upon and simple dress was encouraged. When Napoleon was coming to power restrictions on fashion were lifted and journals like the General Table of Taste and Fashion and Costumes of Paris were published. In 1797 bookseller John Baptiste Sellèque started the JOURNAL DES DAMES ET DES MODES. Since court had been abolished he looked to the social gathering places of Paris – the theater, dances and promenades to discover the bold new outfits developed by dressmakers and seamstresses. When the Empire was established under Napoleon a new audience of readers, especially women, were eager for novelties and advice. LE JOURNAL DES DAMES ET METHODS  gave this information while providing a showcase for the French textile industry. It stopped publishing in 1836.

George Barbier was born in Nantes, France in October 1882. In 1911 he mounted his first exhibition and was an immediate success. He was  commissioned to design theater and ballet costumes, illustrate books, and to produce haute couture fashion illustrations.
The concept of JOURNAL DES DAMES ET DES MODES was relaunched in June 1912. Every issue carefully reviewed all the current novelties of fashion and carried colored stencil prints reproducing the latest conceptions of the fashion designers. It is issued regularly 3 times a month and illustrated by Barbier and others with writing by noted authors such as Jean Cocteau. The journal is an expression “of the most refined Parisian elegance and illustrated by the most gifted designers and illustrators of the time.”

November 20, 1912 – Supplement, vol. 1, no. 18 
Chinese silk dress trimmed with fur worn with a green velvet coat with fur collar and cuffs and silver tassels



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