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Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving In Kansas

The 15th Cavalry Regiment the US Army is one of the Expansion Units originally established for the Spanish American War, formed in 1901 at the Presidio of San Francisco, California. That year the 15th Cavalry embarked for the Philippines to face fierce combat in the Philippine jungles against the Moros. The Regiment’s next action was part of the Cuban Pacification from 1906 to 1909. In 1912 they were stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

On November 28, 1812 the 15th Calvary H troop gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Their mess hall is festooned with hundreds of yards of colored crepe paper streamers and the table is set with pies, a coconut cake, tortes, and what might be a congealed salad or aspic. Each soldier has a small glass of dark-colored liquid to his left (which might be wine or some sort of fruit juice) and dinner plates are turned upside down with soup bowls resting on top of them. Coffee mugs are down-turned and an apple has been placed on top of each mug. Huge stalks of celery spill out of gravy boats. A white-jacketed mess steward or cook stands at the back of the room.

Thanksgiving dinner
15th Calvary Troop H
November 28, 1912
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

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