100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Postmarked November 29, 1912

Mary Anne McIntosh writing to David Monroe Henderson while they were courting each other in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.

The Henderson family genealogy page :http://www.hendersonproject.net/Mary%20letters.html
Mr David Henderson
Burlington, Wyo.Basin, Wyoming
Nov. 29, 1912

Dear Dave,

It’s a good thing you didn’t turn round and come back, for I’m afraid I would have gone home whether I got a certificate or not.

I won’t be through until tomorrow morning but I’m going home and see the basketball game Saturday night. I’ll stay until after Mutual if you won’t be too tired after your trip to take me to Otto. I’m afraid you won’t feel much like doing it.

I had two Thanksgiving dinners yesterday. I was at Effie Gould’s for dinner and stayed all afternoon. Mrs Lou Blakesley invited me to her house for supper but I didn’t intent to go. Just as we were sitting down to supper, the Blakesley girls came after me so I had to go.

Well, I must quit or you won’t get this tonight.

As ever

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