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An Armistice Called In The Balkan War

In November 1912 Turkish Vizier Kiamil Pasha proposed to Bulgaria’s King Ferdinand I to negotiate a ceasefire and peace between the two nations. This is because Greece, Serbia and Montenegro continued to advance on all fronts. Bulgaria refused to reply but within a few days Turkey halted an invasion by Bulgaria at the Battle of Çatalca, less than 20 miles from the capital at Istanbul. Because of the heavy casualties Bulgaria abandoned plans to capture the Ottoman capital or the city of Edirne. The Balkan nations telegraphed the Ottoman Empire of their terms for a peace treaty. A ceasefire took place between Bulgaria and Turkey while peace terms were discussed. but on Thursday the Ottoman government rejected as unacceptable the Balkan nations’ terms for peace, and war resumed on all fronts. Negotiations continued.

On December 3, 1912 the Ottoman Empire signed an armistice with 3 of the 4 members of the Balkan League – Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro. Greece did not participate. The ceasefire took effect at 7:00 pm. A peace conference will be held in London, England to fully detail the peace plan.
Turkish Vizier Kiamil Pasha

Turkish Vizier Kiamil Pasha

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