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War Council Convenes In Germany

The Balkan War has forced European powers into alliances that give military support in case of war.

The Triple Alliance was an agreement between Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy signed in 1882 that pledged support if any other the members of the pact were attacked. It was renewed in Vienna last week. The Triple Entente was a similar agreement between France, Britain, and Russia after the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente on August 1907. Since then the European powers have been in an arms race, concentrating on naval power. The Balkan War had seen Austria-Hungary making moves against Serbia gaining access to the sea by creating the country of Albania.
Austria-Hungary feared the rise of power from it’s neighboring Slavic nationalities. Russia sees this as a threat and promised to back the warring Slavic nations if attacked by European powers. Britain and France reassured Russia that they would support Russia if it is attacked.On December 8, 1912 Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany convened a “War Council” at Potsdam to prepare for any future European conflict. This move was to prepare the German public for an inevitable “racial war, the war of Slavdom against Germandom.”

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany 1912

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

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