100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Issued December 12, 1912

Charles Clyde Squires was born in August 1882 in Salt Lake City, Utah. His uncle was a landscape painter and at age 13 he was apprenticed to an engraving company. His art was published in the DESERET NEWS in 1898 and in 1900 he went to New York City to study at the New York School of Art. In October 1905 he studied with Howard Pyle. Pyle sent him to the offices of Life with a letter of introduction and suggestion that they publish his drawings. In 1906 his work began to be published in popular nationwide magazines, such as Life and Everybody’s Magazine, after which he appeared in Judge, Success, Woman’s Home Companion, and St. Nicholas Magazine.

On December 12, 1912 LIFE magazine used Squires painting of a nighttime winter scene showing horse waiting at hitching rail while young man visits his girl.
“They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait”
LIFE magazine
December 12, 1912
cover art by C Clyde Squires

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