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Issued January 2, 1913

LIFE is a weekly magazine published since January 1883. A revolutionary new printing process using zinc-coated plates improved the reproduction of illustrations and artwork and allowed LIFE to compete with established magazines like JUDGE and PUCK. “We wish to have some fun in this paper… We shall try to domesticate as much as possible of the casual cheerfulness that is drifting about in an unfriendly world… “. It became a place to introduce new illustrators like Charles Dana Gibson who introduced his iconic figure “The Gibson Girl” in LIFE.

Charles Dana Gibson was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts in September 1867. He was enrolled by his parents in New York’s Art Students League and sold his first illustration to LIFE magazine in 1886.He quickly became popular and contributed to every major New York publication such as Harper’s Weekly, Scribners and Collier’s as well as major newspapers. In 1890 he began developing “The Gibson Girl”, an iconic female face and figure that typified the style of women at the time based on his wife Irene Langhorne and her sister.

On January 2, 1913 LIFE magazine celebrated its 30 year anniversary by publishing the Birthday Number using artwork by Gibson from drawing he did in 1907 titled THE STORY OF HIS LIFE.

THE STORY OF HIS LIFE by Charles Dana Gibson1907

THE STORY OF HIS LIFE by Charles Dana Gibson

The caption of the January 2, 1913 LIFE magazine cover reads: “The story of his life : Once upon a time, thirty years ago….”

courtesy of 2neat.com – seller of vintage magazines


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