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Recorded January 2, 1913

John Francis Count McCormack was born in Athlone, Ireland in June 1884. He received vocal training at school and college. Conradh na Gaeilge(Gaelic League), an Irish cultural organization founded in 1893, started a music festival in 1897 called Feis Ceoil that promote Irish song and dancing. In 1903 McCormack won the coveted gold medal of the Dublin Feis Ceoil. He met writer James Joyce who was trying his hand at singing and encoraged him to compete in the 1904 Feis Ceoil. In 1905 McCormack traveled to Italy for training and made his operatic debut there in 1906. He returned to Great Britain and attained success as an operatic tenor. In 1909 he debut in the US and quickly became the most celebrated lyric tenor of his time thanks in part to the many records he made for Victor Talking Machine Company.

On January 2, 1913 John McCormack went into the Victor Recording studios in Camden, New Jersey and recorded the Irish ballad “Where The River Shannon Flows”.

“Where The River Shannon Flows” by John McCormack

Tenor John McCormack

Tenor John McCormack

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