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Ocean Liner Sinks In Chesapeake Bay

In 1882 an ocean liner was built by the Dutch shipbuilder Nederlandse Stoomboot Mij. and christened the ZAANDAM I. It had 3 decks, 51 crew, 50 first and 424 third class passengers. It was sold in 1897 to Austro Americana Lines and renamed STYRIA then sold again in 1902 to the Luckenbach Co. and renamed JULIA LUCKENBACH.

On January 3, 1913 the JULIA LUCKENBACK was in Chesapeake Bay when a thick fog approached. Coming in the opposite direction was the steamship INDRAKUALA. Before entering the fog the INDRAKUALA saw the JULIA LUCKEBACH a mile or so ahead and heard her fog signals later. After the fog came on the JULIA LUCKEBACH changed her course to port to reach a safe place of anchorage to the westward of the channel and proceeded at an excessive speed on a flood tide. The INDRAKUALA, also traveling at an excessive speed, struck the JULIA LUCKENBACH which sank. The INDRAKUALA was able to save people aboard the stricken liner but 15 people died.

The sinking of the JULIA LUCKENBACH from MaritimeQuest :http://www.maritimequest.com/daily_event_archive/2012/01_jan/03_julia_luckenbach.htm



Newspaper photos and drawing of JULIA LUCKENBACH crewJanuary 3, 1913

Newspaper photos and drawing of JULIA LUCKENBACH crew
January 3, 1913

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