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Wartime Diary Entry

Alphaeus Abbott Casey

Alphaeus Abbott Casey

Alphaeus Abbott Casey was born at Annesley Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire on January 1895, the son of Thomas and Annie Casey. He was a student of the University of Sheffield who joined the Sheffield City Battalion (12th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment), which was formed in September 1914, partly at the behest of members of the University of Sheffield, Alphaeus kept a detailed diary which gives a rare insight into the training regime of a Pals battalion.


On January 6, 1915 Casey made this entry into his wartime diary:

Clear sky, sunshine. Felt stiff round belt. Sergeants’ Mess fatigue, paraded 7am

not time to perform toilet. Washed dirty supper pots 7-8.15.

Brekker:- sausage.

Returned 8.45, washed great no of pots, fetched 3 pans of coal and 1 coke, emptied 2 rubbish tins, scrubbed 2 tables, washed dirty glasses in sergeants’ canteen. Absolutely sick of work.

Dinner 12.45:- usual and figs (stewed). Very nice, savoury.

Played footer 1.15-1.45.

1.45-3.15 washed dinner pots. Thought would never finish. Scrubbed floors.

3.30 other 3 men went. I stayed to tea, went to canteen for provisions, helped butter and cut bread. Bardsley (picket) and I took guard sergeant tea.

6.10-6.30 tea, apricots and pineapple and cake. Enjoyed it. Very tired, slight headache, helped finish pots.

Finished work 6.45pm. Played Moses chess, lost. Several good games at solo-whist. Corporal asked for names of those applied for commission. Gave mine.”

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