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Russian Tank Proposal Approved

The idea of the tank came from earlier experiments with mechanized farming vehicles that could cross difficult land with ease by using caterpillar tracks. But the leading officers of the major armies of the world had been raised with cavalry, mounted horseman, playing a major role in battle. The first engagement between the British and Germans in 1914 had involved cavalry near Mons. Cavalry engagements fought in mud proved hampered with little effectiveness and proved costly, fatal and hopeless. It was soon realized that trench warfare had made the use of cavalry null and void. Still, senior military commanders were hostile to the use of armored vehicles as it would have required a change of traditional tactics they have all been steeped in.

When the war started in Russia in 1914, the Main Military-Technical Department submitted two projects for tracked armored vehicles designed by Russian inventor A.A.Porohovschikova.

On January 13, 1915, after a long delay, Porohovschikova’s proposal was approved and 9,660 rubles was allocated for the construction of all-terrain vehicle.


Russian tank design – 1914

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